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Information about the Mnemonic project that is most important for developers working on the project. The project has created bylaws for itself.

Project Members

Name Apache Id Role
Patrick Hunt phunt Champion, Mentor
Andrew Purtell apurtell Mentor
James Taylor jamestaylor Mentor
Henry Saputra hsaputra Mentor, Committer
Yanping Wang yanpingw Committer
Gang(Gary) Wang garyw Committer
Uma Maheswara Rao G umamahesh Committer
Kai Zheng drankye Committer
Rakesh Radhakrishnan Potty rakeshr Committer
Sean Zhong seanzhong Committer
Hao Cheng chhao01 Committer
Debojyoti Dutta ddutta Committer, Release Mngr.
Johnu George johnu Committer

Mailing Lists

There are several development mailing lists for mnemonic

You can subscribe to the lists by sending email to and unsubscribe by sending email to

Source code

mnemonic uses git for version control. Get the source code:

% git clone

– or –

% git clone

The important branches are:

  • master - The trunk for all developement
  • asf-site - The pages that are deployed to

Please check our coding guidelines.


All code must be +1’ed by a committer other than the author prior to its commit.